UP early. Need to get on. Huge to-do list!

A courier arrives first thing with the garden bench Margaret ordered from Amazon last week. A big, heavy box. I dump it by the woodshed for the time being and get on with the task list.

Hellbound Train art for a limited edition  t-shirt..

Hellbound Train art for a limited edition t-shirt..

After finalising the Hellbound Train t-shirt art I send it off to our t-shirt cat and order a limited edition run plus another run of the current shirt design. The artwork is a big file and takes some time to send.

Someone’s bought a photo from the G63 Balfron 10k race gallery so I send them an invoice with the image attached. Could do with a few more photo sales like this 🙂

I finish editing the photos from the car rally that stopped off in the village yesterday and prepare a story for the G63.scot webzine, then dump the video footage for the video voxpops I did with some of the drivers. I was in such a rush I didn’t set the camera up…or the sound…properly and expected the footage to be pretty crap, but it looks reasonably useable.

While the video footage’s loading into the computer I wander along to Betty and Joe’s with some stuff we picked for them in Glasgow yesterday…we have a coffee and a blether then I head home.

After some lunch – a big bowl of pho’ – I build Margaret’s bench which, compared to the swing assembly nightmare a few weeks ago, is a piece of piss and only takes 20 minutes.

A singer/songwriter friend down south is doing a degree in songwriting and has asked me to answer some questions for a dissertation she’s doing. I’m happy to help, so take some time out to answer her questions.

After arranging tomorrow’s video recce to Ayrshire with Jamie and Martyn I re-arrange the car service…instead of Thursday, I’ll drop the car off at the garage tomorrow then get the subway to meet the guys at Film City.

Next, I edit the rally video voxpops and add them to the G63.scot webzine then do a bit of fruitless research into getting better broadband in our village. We really need to get it sorted, but the potential solution has proved a wild goose chase. Oh well, something else on the back burner for the time being.

Margaret makes dinner and I finally get a start on the first of a couple of websites I’m putting together for another musician friend….