AAARGH…early alarm. Need to get the pork butt on the smoker.

This is when I’m happy I put up the gazebo, prepared the smoker and got everything ready last night. All I need to do is get the pork butt out the fridge and light the chimney starter.

I check emails and do some routine stuff until the charcoal’s stopped flaming and ashed over then get the pork butt on and add some applewood to the pit. There’s chicken too, but that ‘ll be done in two batches much later on as it only takes a couple of hours. The pork butt is likely to take between 12 and 14 hours.

Back to bed where Margaret complains I’m smelling of smoke and another hour or so’s kip before coffee and shower.

Our pals Dorothy, Bill, Valerie and Shady aren’t gonna be arriving ’til after 4pm, so between tending the smoker and it’s contents, I make some headway on booking the USA dates for the October/November tour.

When our guests arrive we have coffee and scones then hit the beer and a night of eating BBQ, drinking and chatting into the wee hours ensues. Bill and I are still doing some damage to a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin he brought. Messy, but not as bad as last time we all got together. There’s always tomorrow night tho’ 😉