WE have a bit of a long lie…think we’re both needing some sleep.

Of course the to-do list doesn’t agree and is growing faster than I can deal with it.

Some of the stuff I can’t complain about – like packing up merch orders and sorting pre-orders for the Hellbound Train EP. Still, they take time, as does the next phase of radio promo for the EP.

There’s a great reaction to the radio mailout and I’m glad I set up the automated system to handle the registration and downloads.

After lunch we have a quick walk between downpours then it’s back to the office to work on website’s that I’m developing for folks. Really need to get cracking on them.

I make some progress, but realise there’s no time to work on new material…or learn the lyrics to the EP title track. That’s important ‘cos we’re filming the video next week and I need to be on the case.

Also, I haven;t played a show since the beginning of February and need to polish up the new EP songs as well as the rest of the set planned for the shows end of May and into June.

A pal has asked about setting up a photograph but I’m not convinced about the location so I take a walk to check it out…actually, with a bit of scrambling and climbing it might work.

It’s well after 8pm when I get back. Cold, wet and hungry. I get on with some more work while Margaret makes the dinner…then more work ’til bedtime…