I finish off some props for Monday's filming of the Hellbound Train video.

I finish off some props for Monday’s filming of the Hellbound Train video.

SUE and Jim have all their bags packed before breakfast ready for the folks that shuttle West Highland Way walkers’ bags between stops.

They don’t have a huge walk today, so they’re not in a  great hurry and I get some work done after breakfast before we join them for a mile or two along the lochside and say cheerio. We’ll see them in a few weeks before they go back to the States and we’ll hear about the rest of their walk and subsequently planned road trip round the north of Scotland.

On the way back we stop in and have a coffee with Betty before heading home. It’s hard to sit in the office when the sun’s out, but I have video props to make, a website to finish and some work to do on a new song…I need to rehearse Hellbound Train ready for Monday’s filming too.

Martyn and Jamie are busy on preparations for the video too…they’ve sourced a load of props including a coffin. Yup, a coffin. I feel a bout of claustrophobia coming on!

It’s after 9pm when Margaret calls me in for dinner after which we relax for a while…then bed.