The latest unplugged video release from London’s Blues Kitchen…Still Friends 🙂 Click above to watch.

WE wake up at Susie’s and Margaret goes upstairs to get a drink of water.

Susie’s already up and I hear them chatting. I guess she won’t be back anytime soon, so I jump in the shower and try and wash away my hangover.

We chat over a late breakfast then hit the road  stopping at Tesco in Dundee for some messages.

Back home there’s a fair bit of work to get through – including a booking form for STVs Live at Five show the week of the EP launch – before going along the lochside with Fiona and Steven to take some photos for their ‘save the date’ pre-wedding invites.

I have various lenses and flashes with remote triggers to try and balance the light a little…but despite being careful I manage to get my boots full of water when I rescue a blown over lighting stand and flash from the loch. Luckily the umbrella reflector saves the flashgun from the water.

The rest of the night is spent preparing all the stuff for tomorrow’s Hellbound Train video shoot…think we need an early night!