AFTER spending a bit of time wrestling with code for the second of two websites I’m working on I wander along to Betty and Joe’s to discuss some other stuff.

We’re there for a little longer than I plan, but it’s nice to have a blether and a coffee as well as sort some stuff out.

Back home I make up set lists for the two shows down south at the end of the month – Dubs in the Middle festival and Hardtail Blues Club – then make some gyoza for lunch which we enjoy in the garden.

I take the guitars outside and rehearse the set lists in their entirety. Haven’t played a live show since the beginning of February…and many of the songs on the set list haven’t been played for a lot longer than that, so I need to make sure I’m up to speed and in good shape for the forthcoming shows. There’s a coupla new tunes I’ve not played live before in there too.

After some more work on the website project I go out for a walk up to the bay, hurrying past the jestskiers blatantly ignoring the water speed limit areas and the alcohol by-laws.

Margaret knocked up some burgers earlier, so I get the grill going for the second night running and we enjoy a late evening meal outside as the sun sets. The midges are starting to make their presence known, though…so we need to make the most of the evenings before they take over.

Moving indoors, I make up some ad artwork for a pal who’s taken some advertising on the webzine then realise it’s after midnight. Got a bunch to stuff to get ready for tomorrow’s (Thursday) ‘extra’ work on Channel 4’s Scrotal Recall...