LOTS of admin stuff to do the is morning…and there’s a few new shows confirmed that need to go online. England, Estonia….

I also confirm the first two shows of the USA tour for October/November.

We’re off to a pal’s wedding in Perth, but there’s still a little time to push on with a website project I’m working on.

In Perth I drop Margaret off at the reception with our overnight bag then go to find a place to park. i can’t park in the city centre as we’re staying with pals in Scone tonight and unlikely to be picking the car up ’til after midday.

Wardy and Sarah have had a great day so far and it’s good to catch up with so many pals we haven’t seen in ages. Scott, Clare, Craig, Wendy, Margaret and I are last to leave…Scott and Clare get a taxi to the train station while the rest of us get another cab back to Craig and Wendy’s where we drink and chat ’til after 3am.