Great to have a beer and catch up with J J before he heads back to the 'states.

Great to have a beer and catch up with J J before he heads back to the ‘states.

I NEED to blitz the new website I’m working on…not only do I want my client to get their  site in a reasonable timescale, but we also need the dosh!

There’s no time for any walks or breaks…and my right shoulder and neck are killing me. Think I must’ve slept with my right arm under the pillow last night. It’s wet and grey outside anyway.

I take a few breaks from the web development to deal with some press/media enquiries about the forthcoming EP and Scottish launch shows…a couple of folks have sent email interview questions that need done immediately.

There’s a couple of t-shirt related things to be done and some other merch to be looked at.

A pal from the ‘states has been in Scotland the last few days and we were hoping to meet for a pint  at some point. A late afternoon Facebook message tells me he’s on his way into Glasgow…I have a meeting locally at 7.30pm but it looks like we’d have time to nip into Glasgow to say hello and have a quick beer.

We down tools and head into town where we spend an hour catching up with J J and making plans for a mid-show at his venue on my October/November US tour.

Our return to Loch Lomond is timed perfectly for the meeting and we’re back home soon after 9pm. Pulled pork tacos, a beer, a dram then bed…