ON a mission to finish a website this morning…and by 11am I finally get there.

I call my client to talk through the site and make some very minor amendments. All that remains to do is a ‘tutorial’ session next week to show them how to update content and discuss ongoing maintenance and backup options. Long gone are the days of having someone develop a website and forgetting all about it. Someone needs to take responsibility for ongoing technical maintenance and backups…not beyond most clients, but more often than not they don’t want that pressure.

So while a good content management system (CMS) allows folks to add/change content without any technical or specialist knowledge…the use of databases and modern server technologies have shifted the need for help away from updating/adding/deleting content over to back end support.

Next on my list is a bit of rehearsal…especially Hellbound Train. I’m struggling to remember the words and plan on including a special unplugged rendition on tomorrow (Thursday) night’s Facebook Live stream (8pm on my Facebook page).

I set up a Facebook event to help spread the word about the live stream and invite various folks before we jump in the car and head to my cousin Fred’s in Glasgow. She’s invited us to dinner with Sue, Jim and her pal Nadia.

Another great night….