We have fun doing another live stream on Facebook...click the pic to visit my Facebook page and check it out....

We have fun doing another live stream on Facebook…click the pic to visit my Facebook page and check it out….

FEELING a bit gubbed this morning…but no time to mess around, there;s too much to get done.

I spread the word about tonight’s Facebook live stream then make some spinach pasta dough. We’re taking some lasagne along to our pals’ place for after the live stream.

It’s pouring with rain when I go down to the village to meet our pals Gareth and Lynne. They’re passing through and want to pick up an album so we go up to the house and have a coffee and a blether. Nice to catch up. Plus, Margaret’s made scones 🙂

Back in the office I get on with creating a Facebook ad for the new EP. I get caught up in setting up a ‘pixel’ on my website which, according to Facebook, will let us track the success (or otherwise!) of the ad.

There’s some more things to get sorted – including PA hire for October’s Braw Weekend festival. Good to get the ball rolling with that.

It’s well after 7pm when we chuck a guitar in the car along with some lights – and the lasagne – and head along to our pals’ place a couple of villages away to do the live stream. Their internet speed – although only marginally better than ours – is fast enough to let us do the live stream.

The stream goes to plan and we have fun doing it…then relax with a beer, eat the lasagne and enjoy a quick dram before heading home.