Cotton tote bags now available in the online the image to check 'em out :-)

Cotton tote bags now available in the online store…click the image to check ’em out 🙂

LOTS of good feedback from the Facebook live stream already…I share the post around Facebook reminding folks that if they didn’t catch it live, they can still watch it.

Some good media coverage appears promoting both the new EP and the forthcoming Scottish shows – an interview in 7Ahead (see it here) and a nice we piece in the Bearsden & Milngavie Herald (online version here).

Another edit of the Hellbound Train video comes in and is looking great and gets my approval. Still a bit more work to do before it’s finished tho’…and we won’t be releasing it until 10 June.

Margaret’s in Glasgow and picks up a run of ‘Dave Arcari’ cotton tote bags…a new item for the merch table– they’re also available in the online store.

I head out for a wee walk. I’m in need of some exercise and fresh air then settle down to get some more work done.

Later on we take a walk to Betty and Joe’s and have another good night putting the world to rights.