THE morning routine stuff is only just out the way when Heather arrives.

I recently finished developing two websites for her and need to show her how to update stuff herself. It’s fairly straightforward and gets a good grasp of the process then we discuss backup solutions and stuff.

The sun’s still shining when she leaves so I have my lunch in the garden then start rehearsing my sets for this weekend’s shows down south – Dubs in the Middle Festival on Friday and Hardtail Blues Club on Monday.

These are my first live shows since the beginning of February so I need to make sure I’m up to speed…plus there’s a few new songs in there too 🙂

Next job is to sort the photos I took last night for another web project. Memory’s short on my laptop, so I need to do a bit of housekeeping before I go through the images and select a bunch to use on the website.

Not really had any fresh air today, so I go for a pre-dinner stroll then stop in at Betty and Joe’s before heading home for dinner. We’re just sitting down down to eat when Steven drops by with a thank you card for his Fiona and his engagement present. He stays for a beer and a chat then wanders off into the night.

I nip out to the office and get a couple of stories sorted for the webzine, tidy up then go back to the house for what I think is going to be an early night. I thought it was about 10 o’clock…it’s almost midnight!