WE’RE heading to Dundee for a funeral but before we go I need to sort out some Facebook ads for the upcoming EP launch shows.

I created a banner graphic with all the dates/info and spread it around the other day…now I need to advertise. I have hunt about for a suitable graphic for the ads. I can’t use the event banners as there’s too much text included and Facebook won’t allow it through their stringent approval conditions. It;s best to use an image with no text if at all possible.

Once I’ve sorted the image I wanna use I set up ads for the Aberdeen and Edinburgh shows, targeting them geographically and narrowing the potential audience down according to their ‘interests’. That’s the great thing about Facebook advertising – you can really pinpoint your audience.

Not sure if I’ll do any ads for the Glasgow show…we’ve paid to be part of the West End Festival guide and I’ve done a load of news releases etc which has eaten up any promo budget for that show. I’ll maybe do a few days’-worth nearer the time to augment the promo mix.

I have time for a quick walk and some fresh air before we leave for Dundee.

After the funeral service at the crem we spend an hour or two at the wake then visit a pal before making our way home, pulling up around midnight…been a long day.