WelcometoWales - 1WE have our usual pre-check out flurry of activity at the hotel. Even a midday check-out seems to be on us before we’ve got everything done.

After checking out we sit in the hotel foyer and finish off some work.

It should only take a couple of hours to get to South Wales but there seems to be a traffic jam every few miles on the motorway. Usually caused by minor roadworks and a lane closure exacerbated by arrogant fuckers who speed up the closed lane and expect to force their way into the front of the queue.

So, it’s after 4pm when we roll into Bridgend and stop of to see Auntie Glo and Uncle Cliff…Geoff and Meg are there too, and have only just left when Cliff and Eileen drop in. There’s always a constant stream of folks in and out of Auntie Glo’s!

You wouldn’t know Auntie Glo had an operation just a few weeks ago…her recuperation is three months and she’s under strict instruction from the doc to take it easy – she looks fantastic…and Uncle Cliff has discovered a whole load of previously unknown domestic skills 🙂

We head off to our hotel, stopping to get some supplies along the way, and open a beer. Or two. We’d ben undecided what to do about grub and end up going to a nearby Harvester…while the the food’s OK, my ribs have never been near a smoker in there over-cooked life. Probably done in a slow cooker resulting in mushy, tasteless meat that tastes like it’s been boiled rather than BBQ’d. I reckon I could take over the UK with proper pulled pork, ribs and brisket. I might just do that!

Back at the hotel we open a bottle of red and watch a film. Nice to have a chilled, relaxed night…