NO rush to get out the hotel room today – we’re here for two days 🙂

Once I’ve got some work done we nip up to Auntie Glo’s then head downtown to the pub to meet Dai, Geoff and Meg. Our pal Tonto’s there too. Great to see everyone and enjoy a couple of pints.

We’re back at the hotel mid-afternoon. Margaret wants to watch Andy Murray and I’ve got a heap of work to do on the upcoming gigs.

I’m curious how two posts to my Facebook page with very similar content – each has a poster image and a link to a Facebook event – yet one has double the reach of the other. Odd.

We need an early getaway in the morning so decide to drop by and say cheerio to Auntie Glo and Uncle Cliff.

Still a fair bit to get done tonight so we have a quick visit to Wagamama, then back to tie up some loose ends before a planned early night isn’t so early after all!