The pork turns out good...although Margaret's not convinced it's fully cooked so we finish it off in the oven....

The pork turns out good…although Margaret’s not convinced it’s fully cooked so we finish it off in the oven….

I’M already on my to-do list when I realise it’s the first of the month. Again! How did that creep up? 

That means it’s eNewsletter day and I haven’t got it on my to-do list. It;s a priority so I drop everything and get on with it. You can see it here.

We picked up a big piece of pork loin at Costco yesterday. I cut it up and pack it for the freezer keeping a chunk aside for tonight’s dinner…it gets some rub applied then wrapped in a bacon lattice and put back in the fridge.

The eNewsletter has generated a steady stream of EP pre-orders, t-shirt orders and other stuff which I pack up and address as they come in.

I’m helping a pal with some website enhancements but no end of server issues is driving me crazy. What should be a half-hour job is taking over my day. Every time I solve one problem, another two or three hurdles appear. I go for a walk in the evening sun to stop myself going nuts.

When I get back I open a beer and get the pork on the smoker. Not sure how long it’ll take but I’m guessing around two hours.

I get on with some more work and drink another beer or two and when the meat probe says the pork’s done we serve up dinner…oddly, although the meat’s done in the middle, there’s a section of the meat that doesn’t look quite cooked. I reckon it;s just the smoke halo…Margaret thinks it’s undercooked, so it goes in the oven for a few minutes.

Regardless of the ‘finishing’ process, the pork is amazing.

Once we’ve eaten, I go back out to the office to try and crack the website stuff. By midnight I’m no further forward though, so I call it a night and pour myself a wee dram.