I restring the guitars in the sun...and get sunburnt!

I restring the guitars in the sun…and get sunburnt!

THE sun’s shining again! Amazing weather.

Once I’ve done a bit of work trying to sort something for our pals’ website I get the guitars from the studio and sit in the sun and restring them. It’s pretty hot though and I suspect I’ve got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders…

In the office I spend a good while promoting the upcoming shows on Facebook – posting reminders on all the invitees’ pages and sharing some graphics/images.

A call from the BBC confirms all the arrangements for my session/interview on Janice Forsyth’s Radio Scotland show on Monday – show starts at 2pm, I’ll be on around 2.10pm to chat and play a couple of songs live from the studio.

Betty and Joe are coming for dinner and I’ve decided on spring rolls…takes me a while to make the dipping sauce and prepare them – thread noodles softened in coconut water and lemongrass, prawns, mint and coriander all put together in rice wrappers.

There’s time to sort some images and make a plan for another website I’m working on then I close up the office and we get ready for our guests.

The spring rolls and miso/mirin-marinaded salmon go down well and we have a grand night. Maybe a wee hangover tomorrow….