FEELING a bit rough but a shower and breakfast get me going.

I manage to make a start on another website project. It’s fairly straightforward and I did the photography last week…but they still need a logo/logotype and there’s no copy as such, so I need to come up with that too, even if it’s just placeholder stuff while they decide what they want.

Next Friday is EP release day. I’m in Aberdeen the night before and then head to Edinburgh, so I need to make sure I have new website landing pages all ready to go. I spend a while working on that and getting something set up so things can be updated as quickly and simply as possible.

My pal Martyn calls to discuss the release of the Hellbound Train video – we decide to make it live next Friday (10 June) at 11am and make all the relevant announcements via social media.

There’s a couple of merch orders to pack up and get ready to sen then a bit more work on the website before I up the office and head indoors to make dinner.

We’ve pals coming tomorrow (Saturday) night then on Sunday I have an in-store at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr (2pm).We’re at friends for dinner on Sunday night, Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland on Monday and STV’s Live at Five show on Tuesday…so we have a quiet night and chill with a bottle of red in front of the telly.