AFTER a wee bit of a long lie Margaret makes rhubarb and apple pies for the coffee shop, I get on with some work then we have what’s best described as brunch.

I take the pies to the shop then get back to work on a website I’m developing for a local B&B.

It’s another nice day and the grass needs cut so I do that then prepare the smoker…Duncan and Irene are coming tonight and I’m doing another bacon-wrapped pork loin. I made the bacon lattice yesterday and, after putting a rub on the pork, wrapped it, gave the outside some more rub then left in the fridge.

There’s a lot of online promo to be done…tomorrow’s (Sunday) instore at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr then the now ongoing activity around the EP and video launches and the Scottish dates as well as Monday’s BBC Radio Scotland show and Tuesday’s STV appearance. Phew.

I get a draft version of the site done and arrange a meeting to talk it through for early Monday morning.

Just as we’re tidying up for our guests they roll up. The food’s good (the best one I’ve done!). The drink’s good. The chat’s good.