TODAY is dedicated to Facebook promo for this weekend’s EP launch shows – Thursday in Aberdeen, Friday in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday.

I spend the entire morning posting info and reminders on each event invitee’s profiles. I do so much that Facebook starts to think I’m a spambot and before each post I’m presented with an array of images and asked to select all that picture a tiger….or a waterfall…or a wristwatch.

This goes on for a good while and is a bit of a pain, then I start getting difficult to read captchas before Facebook decides I’ve done too much and won’t let me post anything anywhere!

I take a break for lunch and return to the office. And Facebook. My ‘posting ban’ must’ve timed out, but I still have to go through the annoying photo thing before every post. Eventually, I’m barred from posting again.

I’ve been working on an image for a party invitation for Margaret so leave the internet for a while and get the artwork finished then spend a while on USA bookings for later in the year.

Having forgotten all about set lists for the forthcoming shows, I make some up and print them off…then print a load of ‘forthcoming gig’ postcards.

Then it’s back onto Facebook. My eyes are popping out my head by the time Margaret calls me in for dinner, by which time I’m scunnered with being online, shut the office for the night and head indoors to eat and relax in front of the telly for a wee while.