Nice to catch up with some famliar faces at The Tunnels

Nice to catch up with some famliar faces at The Tunnels

WELL, the Hellbound Train promo tour starts today. Aberdeen here we come.

A lot of packing of merch and gear before we leave. I’ve also got to try and have plans laid for punting out info on the official release tomorrow morning and, of course, not forgetting the premiere of the Hellbound Train video on my Facebook page at 11am tomorrow (Friday).

We share the drive to Aberdeen and, after a stop at the local music shop to pick up a roll of gaffa tape, pull up to unload at The Tunnels shortly after 4pm.

Don the soundguy is ready for us. This is a spectacular venue – I’ve played band shows in the place and was on a BBC Radio 2 music panel, but haven;t ben in for nearly ten years!

After soundchecks we check into our hotel and chill for a while.

Doors are at 7pm and I’ll probably kick off soon after 8pm, so we get back just before 7pm and chat with some of the folks that arrive early.

Not the busiest show I’ve played, but a good crowd and the sound is great. We get a bit annoyed with the DJs and their entourage trying to bring stuff into the room for the club night later…we have the room ’til 10pm…and the club night doesn’t open ’til 11pm, so there’s no need for them to get in the way of my audience who’ve paid good money to see my show without distraction.

Anyway, all ends well and it’s great to catch up with some familiar faces for a drink afterwards.

A nice start to the Hellbound Train tour…next stop, Edinburgh. “It’ll be some fuckin’ ride…”