NOT long awake and on our first coffee when my pal Martyn calls with some sad news that a mutual pal has died. We reminisce for a while and watch a short film about him.

After a late breakfast we get some work done then Martyn drops by and we go for a wee walk. The midges are really bad, but it’s nice to gets some fresh air and when we get back, Margaret’s made some scones which go down a treat.

I settle down to check some emails on my phone and the next thing I know I’ve been asleep for an hour-and-a-half. The day has disappeared and I need to make some pasta dough if we’re going to eat tonight. I recently experimented using the blender to mix the pasta dough – three large eggs and 300g of ‘OO’ flour. Thats all. A couple of pulses in the blender and the mixture comes together…so much easier and less messy than my countertop ‘flour volcano’ method.

It still needs kneaded for a good ten minutes, but it’s still a quicker and easier method. I wrap my ball of pasta dough in cling film and stick it in the fridge to rest for an hour.

Most of the gear and merch from last night’s show is still in the car. I drive over to the studio and brave the midges while unpacking, put the merch back in the office merch store and then it’s time to roll out the pasta dough and cut some tagliatelle.

I do some more stuff online while Margaret rustles up a very nice carbonara.

Our plan had been to chill and watch some telly but setting up templates with an online contract service takes longer than we expect and we retire to bed instead of the couch.