I manage to construct something to keep the birds from getting at the blueberries!

I manage to construct something to keep the birds from getting at the blueberries!

MARGARET’s sorted out all the proceeds from the Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow shows, but I need to get everything out through the spreadsheets and make sure our online merch stock levels are correct – we’re now completely sold out of Nobody’s Fool CDs and Whisky in my Blood vinyl.

I’m hoping to try and save some cash and sort out my own tax return this year…the accountant charges a ridiculous fee and I supply all the spreadsheets/info they need. Regardless of common sense, we just can’t afford the fees this year. Can’t be that hard. Can it?

Also, I haven’t paid much attention to my accounts since finalising all the 2015/16 tax year spreadsheets at the end of April so some sorting out and organising needing done.

I’m playing a short set at Weirfest in Balmaha on Saturday (18 June – 3pm) and need to do a wee news piece for the G63.scot webzine on the whole affair…I kill two birds with one stone and do my own PR and spread the Weirfest story together.

We’d tried to build a fruit cage out of garden canes and rubber corner connectors to cover the two blueberry bushes last week but it was cumbersome, unstable and a general disaster….plus we were getting eaten alive by midges and other flying, biting things.

The fruit is starting to appear now, so I have a think about alternative construction methods and come up with an idea to use two ‘tripods’, each using three canes. It works. At least that’s one outstanding job done!

I finalise details for two more USA shows, one at the InsideOut Gallery, Traverse City (30 October) and the other at Rockwood Music Hall, New York (6 November).

Margaret’s in Glasgow with the car and we have checkups and hygienist appointments at the dentist a few villages away. We plan to meet there, so I walk the four/five miles listening to podcasts and get there first. I’ve just been taken when I hear her arriving.

Neither of us need anything done and we head home.

I realise that following the release of the Hellbound Train EP the front page of my website and my biog are now out of date. As are the biogs we send to media and promoters…and the info at other online places like my Facebook page, Sonic Bids profile, Music Glue, ReverbNation etc etc.

It;s a right pain in the arse to update everything, but I get there then head back to the house to knock up a  green curry.

What a day!