JUST about to start on the to-do list and I remember we need to order a load of wood. I call our ‘wood guy’ and leave a message.

In the office I investigate the HMRC website to check out the process for submitting a self-assessment tax return online. For the last 15/20 years an accountant’s done it for me, but the costs are too high this year. Looks like I need to apply top use HMRC’s online services, so I register and a told an activation code will be sent in the snail mail.

Ah well, gets me out of doing the return for another few days!

Lesley gave me a pull-up/chin-up bar when we were there on Friday night. I’d spotted hers in the door frame and when I mentioned I thought it was a good idea and I should maybe get one, Lesley produced another from the cupboard and presented me with it…she’d bought an extra by mistake and was going to drop it into a charity shop.

I open the box and see that it just needs a couple of screws. It’s up in jiffy – then I realise I’m gonna have to put in some practice if I’m going to manage to do more than one pull up. And even that one was a struggle!

There’s a small print job to be done for the local flower show, so I start that rolling and go out for a wee walk. I end up half way up Conic Hill having taken a route I normally use to come down the hill. It;s quite steep…reckon my legs’ll be like jelly when I wake up.

When I get back we take wee walk to see Betty and Joe for an aperitif then, back home, I make a pork, pepper and noodle stir fry which we devour while watching the latest episode of Outlander via the Amazon Fire Stick. I’m not a big fan of the series, but Margaret likes it…