THE front of the car’s had a bit of a hit…we hit a deer on the way home last night and we have a cracked bumper and bust radiator grille. Pish.

Have to have a closer look later and decide if it’s worth an insurance claim.

There’s a fair backlog of things needing done, so I slowly work my way through ’em. Some of the not-quite-so-urgent stuff gets diaried for tomorrow.

I’m playing a short set at Balmaha’s Weirfest festival on Saturday (3pm) so spread the word a bit online and then sort out some other online gig listings and stuff.

It’s grey and drizzly outside and although i could do with a walk, the midges are out in force so I give up on the idea of some fresh air. Instead I do a little more work on a print job for the local flower show. Not needed for a while yet, but I need to get it out the way.

By the time I’ve rustled up a black pepper tofu we’re both knackered and chill before having an early night.