The ducklings in Manse Bay are getting bigger everytime I see them...they still flock round and peck my fingers tho'!

The ducklings in Manse Bay are getting bigger everytime I see them…they still flock round and peck my fingers tho’!

THERE”S been a few updates and changes to the WooCommerce software I use as the back-end of my online shop. I ran the updates on Wednesday, but there’s a few things that need tweaked.

Although not rocket science, it’s a tricky wee job and I spend a few hours making sure it’s done properly and testing to make sure the correct shipping rates etc are used.

It’s Weirfest in Balmaha tomorrow (Saturday) and I’m playing a short set at 3pm. I share the programme and the fact that I’m playing around Facebook and Twitter.

Next on the list is online listings for all the upcoming gigs. We’ve been pretty busy, so some dates have made it into some listings, but I haven’t been as organised as I should, so I go through all the sites and online places checking what has and hasn’t been added.

I’ve also got into the habit of setting up Facebook events for every show via my artist page on Facebook – they all need graphic banners and info…that takes a while! At some point over the next few weeks I’ll go through them and start inviting folks. Not that it has a huge effect on anything, but it does help create an awareness.

At last I feel like I’ve done enough to earn a wee walk so, loaded with social media podcasts I head out into the fresh air.

Back home I marinade some chicken and make up some kebabs for the grill later on. Margaret proepares some wee tatties for the  grill too.

When I go out to light the charcoal, though, the midges are fierce…and when we venture back outside to cook they’re even worse. Don;t think I’ve ever felt them so bad despite giving myself a liberal coating of Skin So Soft….