AFTER breakfast and the usual morning chores I bite the bullet. Tax return.

I’ve got all my spreadsheets to hand but there’s a couple of other things I need to get a note off…like interest from bank accounts, building society etc. It takes me half an hour to go through everything and you have to wonder if it’s worth it to report what amounts to £1.37 in total interest for the year!

Perhaps they should have a condition that says ‘if you have less than £xxxx in savings/bank account etc you don’t need to fill this section in’.

Anyway, although time consuming and confusing – if not downright ambiguous – in places I get through it by early afternoon. I hope it’s all OK and I don’t the the tax police a-knockin’! Then I email the accountant and let him/his company know we can’t afford their fee (just short of £500!) and I’ve done my tax return online myself. They’re fine about it. Maybe I’ll use them again in the future, but for now…

I notice the front garden grass is in danger of outgrowing the abilities of our wee lawnmower so brave the midges to do the necessary mowing and strimming.

I’d hoped for a walk, but it’s not great weather and the midges are bad…plus there’s job for the local flower show needing done. It’s not urgent, but I could do with getting it out the way.

Margaret’s on dinner duties tonight and makes a rather nice carbonara…it’s 10pm by the time we’ve eaten and tidied up, so I shut the office and we sit with a bottle of red and watch the latest episode of Outlander via the Amazon FireStick. I wasn’t a fan at first but I’m beginning to enjoy it. Maybe it’s the wine.