I get another string of solar-powered coloured LED lights along the front of the office roof....

I get another string of solar-powered coloured LED lights along the front of the office roof….

ONCE I get the job for the local flower show finished, I set about getting some info about it onto the G63.scot website.

As well as adding it as a local event I make a downloadable .pdf of the flower show booklet/guide. Takes longer than I expect.

Margaret ordered another string of solar-powered coloured LED lights. She bought some a while back to see if they were any good. They are. But I go sick of them just being draped over the back of the garden bench and stuck ’em up along the front of the office roof. They looked good there, but only went half way along. The extras arrive and I put ’em up.

After lunch I start getting the rest of my accounts up to date…that’ll be from 5 April! Haven’t done anything since I finalised the end of year spreadsheets. I get everything into some kind of order then look at the weather forecast…it’ll be raining in an hour, so I decide to go a walk while the going’s good.

While walking I listen to a podcast about Facebook advertising – how to understand the dreaded Facebook ‘algorithm’ and making best use of the ‘Facebook pixel’. Aye right 😉

On the way back I take a different route from usual and drop by Sam and Keiran’s. We sit in their garden and have a coffee then I get on my way. Nice to see them.

I make a big mug of green tea when I get back home and head to the office to get some more work done on my accounts. I don’t get far, though. My eyes are itchy as hell and, of course, rubbing them just makes things worse. Hay fever. Worse than I’ve had in years. The running nose and sneezing combines with my itchy eyes and I can;t see or concentrate on anything, let alone a spreadsheet.

I used to get really bad hay fever as a kid but I think I grew out of it and although I have the odd sniffle and itchy eye, it;s not been anything near as bad as this for a long, long time.

My eyes are so red and swollen Margaret panics a bit, but I’m sure it;s just the hay fever.

A call from one of the folks involved in Dundee’s Almost Blue Festival calls with some changes to the venues/times I;m playing. That’s a bit of a pain as I set up a Facebook event and a load of banner graphics with my venue/time info…they still haven’t announced the programme and there’s just a week to go!!!

I re-do the graphics, update the Facebook info and change as many of the online listings as I can…I really don’t have time to do all this.

Once I’m done – and the effects of my hay fever have subsided a bit – I go into the house and start dinner. Duck noodles. Adventurous. Works out great although Margaret’s not as struck with the result as I am…and announces she’s “not really that keen on duck”. Uh?