Nice to have a few drams with Stuart at the wedding reception...

Nice to have a few drams with Stuart at the wedding reception…

I DELIVER Margaret’s Apple and rhubarb pies to the coffe shop then get some work done.

Our planned accommodation in Dundee next weekend’s fallen through which brings two problems – (a) the inflated hotel prices for last minute bookings and (b) it’s gonna be hard to find any available rooms as it’s Almost Blue weekend. Ah well.

To add to our woes Margaret finds a Travelodge room, books it and then realises she made a mistake with the dates. Non-refundable. Bahhhhhhh.

There’s a bunch of online promo to be done – mostly inviting folks to Facebook events set up for forthcoming gig – then I have a nap.

We’re off to Greenock for Jonny and Suzanne’s wedding reception.

We check in to our ‘hotel apartment’ which is a bit like a prison block. Clean enough tho’ and fine for a night’s sleep.

The reception’s at Greenock Town Hall which is only a third of a mile away but it’s torrential rain so once we’re changed Margaret calls a taxi and minutes later we’re congratulating Jonny and Suzanne and sitting down with a drink.

Quite a few folks we know here and it’s not long before we’re joined by Stuart and Ashley. The band is Port Town Rockers – a local rockabilly band who play a couple of fine sets. In between I catch up with our Attica Rage pals, sound engineer Roddy and the beard of doom himself, Tom Russell who – along with partner Jean – comes to sit with us.

A great night and we stagger back to the place we’re staying. Nowhere to get any grub in Greenock after 1am but we’ll probably be thankful in the morning that we avoided late night chips/kebabs/whatever…