The Waverley pulls up  to the quayside while we eat breakfast at the Beacon centre

The Waverley pulls up to the quayside while we eat breakfast at the Beacon centre

WE don’t feel too bad when we wake up in our institutionalised feeling room but we’re pretty sure neither of us are fit to drive, even by 11am check out time.

We takle a walk down to the waterfront where it appears a bunch of folks are preparing for some kind of rod fishing competition. Folks have five or six rods, tripods,little pop-up tent things and masses of gear. What puzzles us most is that this is a quayside and most of the folks are wearing waders. Maybe it’s like folks wearing football strips in their living room to watch the football. Odd.

Anyway, we come across the Beacon centre which has a nice cafe/restaurant with big windows looking over the water and have some breakfast and watch the world go by…fishermen, folks out for a walk…then the Waverley pulls up quayside. Haven’t been ‘doon the watter’ on the iconic paddle steamer since I was about 10. Margaret’s never been on the Waverley so we resolve to take a trip sometime.

Back at the car I start to feel pretty queazy…maybe part delayed hangover and part something else…I did drink quite a lot last night. The sausage and black pudding roll I enjoyed half an hour ago is lying in my stomach but I’;m not sure how long it’s gonna stay there. I try to sleep while Margaret drives.

We stop at a supermarket in Alexandria then home. I go straight to bed.

It’s after 6pm when I wake up an, thankfully, feel a lot better. My blog – normally done first thing in the morning – still isn’t posted so I nip out to the office and get it done.

The tofu I took out the freezer yesterday and put in the fridge so it would be defrosted for this evening’s dinner is still frozen solid…I ‘help’ it defrost a little and cut the slab up in the hope that we’ll be able to have our lemongrass and basil tofu before midnight.

We do…about 10.30pm…then I settle down with a beer and watch the Glastonbury highlights before bed.