AFTER breakfast I get our housekeeping and cash flow spreadsheets up to date ready for our 11am meeting.

We sit down and go through all the stuff on the go at the moment…there’s a lot on, a lot to do and we’re skint!

An email from the venue in York where I’m playing next month tells us they;re concerned about ticket sales. I’ve only just set up a Facebook event for it and we’ll be pushing theJuly England dates in the next eNewsletter…the PR/media stuff is going out over the next few days.

I’ll punt it hard online too, but to be honest, if the venue and the other band playing don’t pull their weight too there’s not much we can do about it.

The email panics us a bit, though, and ends up diverting my attention from all the other stuff needing done as we try and think of some ‘rescue’ strategies.

Earlier this morning  wrapped a piece of pork loin in a bacon lattice and put on a rub…takes about three hours in the smoker, so I get things fired up so it;s ready for an early dinner…there’s what might be a controversial community council meeting tonight.

So it’s nearly 5pm by the time I get onto the news releases for the London, Newcastle, York (yup, that one!) and Reading shows.

To add to the fun, following my last visit to the eye hospital, I’m trying to reduce the level of steroids I have to put in my eyes. As in the past when I’ve tried this, things feel a bit weird…not sure if its just me, my sinuses, coffee-head,eye strain or maybe a side effect of the drop in steroids..or is it the uveitis flaring up? I dunno. In the past I’ve been onto the consultants’ secretaries, given the runaround, had emergency appointments at the opticians to refer me to the eye hospital and generally left feeling let down by the system. This time, I’m gonna try and live with the discomfort until I’m absolutely sure whether or not there’s a problem.

I also resolve that, if the situation arises again, I’m going to suggest a weekly checkup to monitor any changes as a result of reducing the steroids….not the current “try it and I’ll see you in six months – and if there’s a problem, contact the secretaries.” Aye, right!

Anyway, the pork’s ready in time for dinner. We eat then head along to the village hall for the meeting. Our pal – and community council secretary for the last 30-odd years – Joe has decided to stand down. It’s a shame as he’s done so much work for the community – way beyond the call of duty – but a couple of bad apples on the council have started to make things so difficult what was once a pleasure has become a chore and a burden for Joe and his colleagues.

Joe’s announcement is followed by the resignation of another two councillors and preceded by resignation of another, so the game’s a bogey. The community council is in a state of dissolution. Probably no bad thing.

We go to the pub to discuss matters.