I take some pix of my Lowden F32 to prepare it for sale :-(

I take some pix of my Lowden F32 to prepare it for sale 🙁

FIRST job is finalise some Facebook advertising. It’s a crazy mix between a fine art and ‘suck it and see’ experimentation. My view is that it’s worth spending at least what I would on postage etc sending out traditional ‘physical’ news releases and media packs.

I’m reluctantly gonna have to sell my Lowden F32 guitar. It’s been hanging on the studio wall, largely unplayed, for the last five or six years. We’re skint and it hurts, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Trying not to drag my heels on it ‘cos I know that if I’m not going to lose money I need to get it sold before things are desperate and there’s no way I’m going to let it go at a lower than value price just because I’m backed into a corner. I dig out the case and ownership documents and take the lot over to the studio for some photos. There’s a bit of thought and work to do before I decide the best way to advertise the thing for sale.

I still have to get the news releases out for the Reading show on 15 July. It’s been a while since I’ve played there so, like the York stuff yesterday, I call round the local/regional press  in my database…just as well as most have moved, closed down or changed email addresses. I have a couple of good chats with some of the journos, though, which hint that I might get some decent preview coverage for the show.

There’s a lull in the rain and a slight breeze keeping the midges at bay so I take advantage  and go for a walk up the loch side. Haven’t had a walk for a good few days and starting to feel a bit sluggish.

The fresh air helps.

The day has long gone when I shut up the office and head back to the house. Into the kitchen to knock up some chicken enchilladas. A bit of a faff…but it’s my ‘therapy’ and I’ll make enough so we have some for tomorrow night too.

The enchiladas are good and get a big thumbs up from Margaret.