ALTHOUGH it’s not eNewsletter day ’til tomorrow (Friday), there’s so much going on that  I need to prepare as much as I can, so I get it all written, designed and scheduled via the wonderful Mailchimp. You can read – and subscribe – here.

Next job is the monthly email round some of the main magazines advising them of forthcoming dates for their September issue. Their deadline’s are always around a month before publication!

I need to rehearse my sets for the Almost Blue shows in Dundee this weekend, but first I need to make up and print ‘forthcoming dates’ postcards. While the printer’s churning them out I rehearse the banjo tunes from the set.

In the studio I check over hear and get some more stuff rehearsed. Just as well, ‘cos I’d forgotten there’s a new song in there that I need to brush up.

Late afternoon we go and pick up Joe. He’s taking us to the garden suppliers/nurseries he uses in Kilsyth – a trade only place that sells everything you could ever want – or need – for the garden.

We pick up a couple of rhubarb plants, some strawberry plants, a bay tree (well, more like a bush, actually), fertilizer, plant food and weedkiller.

We’re back soon after 8pm and drop Joe off, enjoy an aperitif and a chat then head home. Glad now that I made the enchiladas last night, so they only need shoved in the oven….