GLAD we decided to stay in Dundee and not try and travel home after Redd last night (or this morning!).

We have a chilled morning and gather our stuff before checking out and heading to the supermarket to pick up some shopping before hitting the road home.

It’s almost 4pm when we get back, unload the gear at the studio then go through the mail and stuff.

I check out the shiny guitar. Again. I’m convinced the problem’s with what I thought was a swollen battery. I swap the batteries over and sure enough the other battery doesn’t snap the holder in the same way, so I take it to the studio and shuffle things about. the guitar appears to be fine. I shake it about. Still fine. OK…is it sorted, or is there an intermittent fault?!??!

I’ll test it over the next few days and cross my fingers it’s OK for the London, Newcastle, York and Reading shows next week.

I spend the rest of the day catching up on work, for tomorrow we’re into Glasgow to have the car MoT’d…goodness knows when I’ll get time to work on the new tunes and record them for the new album!