Fun at third – and second last – show in Dundee over the Almost Blue weekend...

Fun at Buskers…my third – and second last – show in Dundee over the Almost Blue weekend…

THERE’S  a wee bit work to be done then we drive into town to meet Tricia and Jane for brunch at a nice wee place on the riverside.

We have a good couple of hours then say cheerio. I need to try and work out what;s wrong with the ‘shiny guitar’ – there’s an intermittent fault causing it to cut out. The same problem that put it in the repair shop in the USA a couple of years ago and back to my guitar man here when it failed during soundchecks for my Royal Albert Hall show a year-and-a-half-ago.

One of the batteries seems a bit tight in it’s holder and I wonder if it;s maybe just not connecting properly. I give it a tweak then test it. All seems good. Mmmm…we’ll see tonight!

A trip to a nearby supermarket for some dinner supplies then back to the hotel to eat then off to load-in at Buskers.

Jamie’s waiting for us and it’s an easy set up. Shiny guitar behaves at soundcheck…and all through the show!

After such a full-on weekend I’m surprised that there’s still folks out and about, but there’s a reasonable crowd in for the show. I’m pretty done in afterwards, but no time to rest…I’ve another set to play at Redd Suite at 11.30pm!

After chatting with some folks at the embrace table I pack up and we load out…then straight to Redd Suite.

By the time I play the place is pretty busy. Int he second song, though, the shiny guitar starts to play up 🙁
I re-tune the black guitar an carry on the show fuelled by some late night drams.

It’s 2am when we get back to the hotel and we’re knackered. Some weekend!