A REPLY from my hosting company recommends I add an SSL certificate to my domain name – they reckon that’ll solve the Paypal gateway/communication problem.

I wanna be a bit more certain that it’s (a) necessary and (b) gonna solve the problem…meantime, though, I notice that WooCommerce recommends a higher version of PHP running on the host server. I get back in touch and they say that would mean moving to another server which won;t cost anything, but all my sites will be down for an hour or so…and there’ll be some updates and email changes to be made at my end.

I ask them if transferring everything over to their faster and newer cloud server cluster would make sense at the same time….yes. And no cost. I put my reservations about moving Wordpress-based sites from server to server to one side and say to go ahead. They reckon the switch will be sometime over the next day or two. Scary stuff!

There’s ongoing concerns about the York gig at Fibbers next week. The promoter has suggested we move to another venue – The Woolpack – before we can agree we need to check Swampcandy are OK with it and also find out what the deal is. No-one’s answering phones tho’ and I’m getting increasingly edgy as the gig’s only a week away…we’ve spent money on promoting a Facebook event for the show and put a lot of work into PR and promo.

We seem to spending inordinate amounts of time sorting things rather than moving forward. Talking of which…I head to the studio to see if the shiny guitar is still working!

Margaret’s watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon…and I hit the kitchen. We’re trying something new for dinner – yum yum rice bowls with Korean BBQ-style beef.

The sliced beef is coated with a paste which I make in the blender…a pear (yup, really), ginger and garlic…then covered with a soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil and left in the fridge for a few hours. I make up the yum yum sauce then get back to work.

Cooking the dinner is tricky..the beef needs seared, kimchi mixed with garlic and ginger paste, greens cooked, rice ready, soft poached eggs ready then all assembled in bowls. I think it’s remarkable…Margaret’s not so keen on the kimchi or the yum yum sauce.