LOTS on the to-do list today…we head south on Monday for the England leg of the Hellbound Train tour.

First, some more web and mail server stuff to sort out.

Once I’m done I make up some postcard overprints for forthcoming shows. We’re gonna need a lot of them (I hope!) to hand out next week at the London, Newcastle, York and Reading shows. The printer tray only holds 40 or 50 postcards at a time, so I need to stay close by so I can keep restocking when the tray’s empty.

The sun’s out so I grab the guitars out of the studio, take them back to the office deck and restring them while replenishing the printer every so often.

After lunch I make up and print set lists for all the shows. Not set in stone, more of a guide for sound engineers and lighting folks so they know what’s going on and, more improtantly, when I change guitars/instruments.

There’s some more online promo to be done for the shows then I make some preparations for dinner – steamed hirata/bao buns with caramelised pork belly. I get some of the stuff ready, open a beer and sit in the garden and chat with my pal Duncan on the phone.

When the food’s ready I over indulge a bit. Five hirata buns. Jeez. Fat bastard! I’ll suffer for this tomorrow…and there’s no room for any more beer so whisky it is while we watch some of the (rather disappointing) TV coverage from T in the Park.