AFTER breakfast we have a good old blether…Mikey’s needing to find a new place to stay and we chat over ideas that might help.

Mikey heads off and we get some stuff ready for an early start south tomorrow, then we settle down to watch Andy Murray play in the Wimbledon final.

There’s some great tennis and Murray does Scotland proud and wins his second Wimbledon title.

I head to the studio and pack all the gear for this week’s gigs. No shows ’til Tuesday  – Blues Kitchen in Camden – but we’re leaving early tomorrow morning to stop off at the folks that make my strings and then onto London to stay with our pal Chris. She’s putting us up for a couple of nights.

Margaret’s busy sorting merch and I try and do some last minute social media promotion for the week ahead. Yesterday’s Facebook Live stream has reached over 160,000 folks. That’s mega! Normally my page posts do well to reach 1,500/2,000 and previous Facebook Live streams have maxed out around 20,000 at best. Obviously Saturday late afternoon’s the time to do it!

We deforsted some pulled pork and Margaret’s knocked up some ‘slaw – we enjoy our tacos in front of the telly and watch the finale of Outlander….