Tonight's line-up after the show....Vinnie, myself, Gina, Joey and Ruben :-)

Tonight’s line-up after the show….Vinnie, myself, Gina, Joey and Ruben 🙂

NOT too long a journey today, so we have a lazy morning then make our way towards York.

There’s a Morrisons near our hotel so we stop for some lunch – supermarket cafe scampi and chips…kinda like an OAP lunch – and pick up some supplies.

We check into the hotel just after 2pm and I crash for a good couple of hours. Once I’ve come back to life I get some work done and catch up on a month-long tour/tech blog I’m putting together for ProSoundNews Europe.

The hotel’s about 1/2-hour drive from tonight’s venue. We’re there and loading in soon after 6pm – opening act Vinnie is a regular at the venue and gets the PA sorted which is augmented by some cool stuff Swampcandy have with them.

The gig was moved from Fibbers to The Woolpack at the last minute – too long a story for here – but everything  goes to plan and we all have a good time. Nice to catch up with our pal Clatch and not one, but two Scottish radio DJs – Hugh and Paul – who both just happened to be in York 🙂

We say goodbye to Swampcandy – hope to catch up with them again soon, pick up some grub and head back to the hotel for a wee glass of red.