WE’D planned to get our the hotel and hit the road by 11am, but it’s more like 11.30am when we check out.

It’s a 350-mile drive to Glasgow where we’ll stop for shopping before making for Loch Lomond.

We’re picking up some stuff for Betty and Joe too…and we’re hoping to get to Glasgow in time to catch both Costco and See Woo  before they close at 7pm.

A quick stop at a service station to pick up some lunch stuff from Waitrose and we’re on our way. I take over driving at Carlisle and we get to Glasgow in time for me to drop Margaret at Costco while I dash down to See Woo.

Back in Springburn we hit Tesco then home…we drop Betty’s stuff off, go home, unpack the shopping,shove the gear in the studio and drop the merch in the office, grab our jackets and make our way back to Betty and Joe’;s for dinner!

Martyn and Louise are there too and we have a good night catching up then heading home soon after midnight. Phew!