AAAHHHHH…a long lie. Not terribly long, but 10am or so…

The bird feeders are all empty, and it must’ve been windy while we were away ‘cos the garden swing is totalled and in bits all over the place. Some over the fence I go outside and straighten everything out before breakfast.

After more coffee I do an interview with Americana UK then nip into the office to pack up some merch orders.

Catriona and Will stop by for a coffee and we have a nice couple of hours’ blether.

In the studio I tidy up a bit and have just got back to the house when an Amazon driver delivers the tofu press I ordered yesterday. I’m taken aback when he says he knows me from the Augustibluus Festival in Estonia 11 years ago…he’s Estonian but now lives in Scotland. We chat for a while and I tell him we’re off to Estonia in a few weeks. So’s he!

I get on with making the dinner then we sit and chill for a while. Need an early night….