WE sleep in – not the best start to the day, which gets worse when we find our broadband has ground to a halt.

Seems there was a power cut in the night so I reset the modem, router and ethernet switches. I’m doing a Skype guitar lesson at 11am – in half an hour – that my student has already paid for. With no internet I can’t contact him to let him know we need to sort things out before the lesson, so might be a bit late.

Eventually the broadband works. Looks like there’s been a BT problem. Sur-fucking-prise.

Skype won’t connect though, and I’m assuming it;s down to the same problem…or maybe our speed is just so shit that even Skype won’t work. Margaret manages to get Skype working on her phone so – 15 minutes late – I manage to conduct the lesson via my iPhone. Jeez.

I urgently need to get news releases out for next week’s Estonia shows. Once the news release is written I research relevant press, radio, TV, blog and other media then fire the release out. Margaret’s already sent info to all the tourist information offices etc.

There’s four shows for Parnu Blues Festival from Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 July then shows in Tartu (Friday 29) and Tallinn (Saturday 30). I do some additional online promo round social media etc.

I’m slightly worried about the Tallinn show at Von Krahl…the venue has no mention on it’s website and the only Facebook stuff is an event that I’ve set up which indicates a reasonable level of interest. Still, I decide a Facebook ad might help. It’s a constant source of wonder to me why some venues don’t seem to care about promoting their shows…

Suddenly it’s after 6pm and , despite the rain, I need a walk. Fresh air. Off I go up the lochside, listening to music biz podcasts for an hour or so. On my way back Betty calls me in for a glass of wine..then I go home and we discuss/create merch price lists for Estonia.

I open a beer, make a green curry then make up set lists for next week’s shows. before settling down with a dram and the Kindle to catch up on the book we’re reading for book club…we’re hosting the next ‘gathering’ a few days after we get back from Estonia.