SOME more online promo for the Estonia trip then I go pout to the office to print merch price lists, set lists and ‘forthcoming gig’ postcards.

While the postcards are overprinting, I trim the merch price lists and run them through the laminator.

We can only travel with two guitars, so there’ll be no ‘regular tuning’ guitar or banjo in Estonia. All slide guitar, so there’s a few songs on the set lists that I’ve not played in ages. I spend some time in the studio running through them.

Despite the weather forecast, the sun’s shining and we have lunch in the garden then we get on with making some burgers – primarily to test the new burger press before we use it in earnest for ‘the gathering’ next month.

The press works a treat, so we ask Betty and Joe along for dinner for the acid test.

For the first time in ages I get some time in the studio to work on some new song ideas. I don’t get much joy, but it’s nice to have some time to at least try!

There’s time for a walk before our guests arrive then we get everything ready and the grill fired up…it’s still nice outside, but we’ll eat in the house to avoid the midge attack.