WE’RE up at a reasonable time at Catriona and Will’s – I have some online stuff and some stuff to help our pals out before we head downstairs for breakfast.

And quite an awesome breakfast it is too – Will’s making chilli pancakes with bacon, tomato and avocado. Never had anything like it and it’s rocketed to the top of my ‘favourite breakfast’ list.

We’ve just tidied up when Matty arrives – the main purpose of our visit is to discuss plans and ideas for Margaret’s forthcoming birthday gathering. We talk about everything from toilets and shelter to food, drink and tables and chairs…and more.

Once we’re done we head home, stopping off at Martyn and Louise’s to collect the t-shirts they picked up in Glasgow for us yesterday.

We’re racing against the clock – some gear still to be packed and all the stuff for the Estonia trip. We leave at 3am and there’s all the usual pre-tour checks, double-checks, triple-checks to be done….