First show of the day at Versa in the town centre...

First show of the day at Versus in the town centre…

WE’RE up in time for breakfast at the yacht club….watermelon, cheese, cold meat, bread and lots of coffee. 

The temperature’s through the roof again today and I have two shows. One at 3pm at Versus, then a main stage show at the yacht club tonight.

Luckily we were able to leave the gear and merch at Versus after last night’s show so we don’t have to carry anything in the heat. We have lunch and watch the opening acts then I take the stage for a 45-minute set, trying to play a different set from the one I played last night.

I hadn’t been expecting many folks at a mid-week afternoon show and although not as busy as last night, the place is still full and I have a great show. I’m soaked through, though – we get a cab back to the yacht club for a cold shower and hang my clothes up to dry (hopefully) in time for tonight’s show.

We chill for the rest of the afternoon then meet our pal Martin for dinner while the yacht club main stage is rigged for the show. There’s just myself and a local support act tonight – the ‘big’ show is tomorrow (Thursday) night.

We’d hoped to have dinner in the restaurant, but the place is so busy there’s no chance of eating before I play at 10pm! There’s a pizza/fast food place at the yacht club too so we order there….Margaret’s fish and chips turns out to be two fish fingers but then,m what can you expect for €4. My veggie pizza is kinda bizarre…a cheese-fest topped with a few slices of red peppers and at least half a jar of pickled onions. Pickles onions? On a pizza? Yup!

The support act is possibly the weirdest support act I’ve ever had, but they warm up the crowd then I get ready. That’s when the festival folks realised they forgot to set up any lights, so they hastily rig some lights while I set up gear  – not sure which is worse – playing in the dark, or having the lights cook me alive and attract what seems to be every mosquito within miles of the place. I’m hot, sweaty and bitten to fuck – but the crowd’s great and the whisky dulls the pain.

...and then the main stage at the yacht club :-)

…and then the main stage at the yacht club 🙂