I’M loaded with the cold and feeling like shit, but I get the emails and routine stuff dealt with before breakfast then head out to a meeting about Balmaha’s Braw Weekend and the main music programme for Saturday 1 October.

The last week or two before I was away gigging was spent booking the bands/acts, arranging PA and sorting out all the contracts. The plans are taking shape and it’s good to get a couple of hours with the event organisers to discuss other production requirements and how everything fits with the rest of the weekend’s programme.

I’m home in time for lunch then Margaret has to go to the dentist – I offer to go too, but she’s adamant about going herself. OK – I’m still feeling like crap, but need to get the unedited version of my July tour blog/feature off to the editor at ProSoundNews Europe, so spend the rest of the afternoon knocking it into shape.

Margaret calls to say she’s done at the dentist and is heading into Glasgow to get some supplies – we forgot we;re hosting tomorrow (Saturday) night’s ‘book club’ when we did the shopping the other day.

There’s a bunch of online merch orders needing packed up too – missed today’s post, but I’ll get them to the post office in the morning.

Margaret’s on dinner duty – chicken and rice – then we relax for a while…but Margaret wants to iron the sheets and I need tio deal with a bunch of urgent emails about the USA tour. Also, looks like there’s good weather in the morning and I still need to get that photo job in Glasgow out the way. I gather my camera gear and charge batteries ready for an early start…