MARGARET’s straight onto tidying up and getting the washing on.

I was meant to be on a wee photo job in Glasgow today, but it’s weather dependent and we’ve decided to wait for a sunny day.

There’s two things I really need to tackle beforenI can get on with any serious amounts of work – first, my iPhone memory is at capacity and been giving me all sorts of hassle of the last few weeks. The phone’s four years old, but I refuse to upgrade until it either (a) breaks or (b) there’s an upgrade with some kind of feature I can’t live without.

The problem is caused by some kind of mail caching in iOS which leaves a load of ‘clutter’ behind even when mail and mail trash is deleted. A temporary fix is quite simple – backup the phone, erase/reset then restore from the backup. BUT that leads to the second problem I need to tackle – out internet is so slow and fucked up that the backups etc take forever. Not to mention the hard drive on my laptop is also full. Some serious ‘housekeeping’ required. I never seem to have the time to do it.

Eventually I get the restore done and have freed up nearly four gigabytes. Almost a third of the total memory!

Next job is to get all the gear away in the studio Margaret reminded me earlier about the broken radio pack for my wireless system. I bust the connector in Tallinn and it lasted almost the whole gig before cutting out…the ‘spare’ is actually an old faulty radio pack, but it got me through.

So – there’s a big show at Glasgow’s O2 ABC on Tuesday (9 August) with Bob Wayne and I need to be up and running before then…and there’s not much time. I look att he broken a spare radio packs to see if I can take the broken connector from the old one but on dismantling the thing’s on a wee circuit board of it’s own and the breakage is unrepairable.

Now I’m stressed – unrepairable and we really can’t afford to buy a replacement transmitter. We trawl online in the hope of finding a second hand one but no joy, so settle for a mere £140 purchase from GAK who promise it’ll be here by Monday.

In need of fresh air I take some stuff along to Betty and Joe’s then return home to attempt to deal with BT and our crap broadband speed.

I’ve mentioned before, our download speed is less than BT guarantee, but liveable with – upload speed – at 0.2 m/b s is nothing short of crap though.

After an hour or so on ‘live chat’ via the BT website I get nowhere and end up placing a call. They call back quite quickly and go through all the flannel of checking this and that…unable to acknowledge the problem is nothing to do with the equipment in our house, it’s the speed/bandwidth of their external cabling/network that’s the problem.

So once again they ‘refresh the connection;’ from the exchange and ask me to reset our modem etc…then monitor the conenction and get back to them after 48 hours. This is the fourth time in as many months we’ve done this and it make no difference.

Hopefully I’ll have time to escalate things a little next week.

Meantime, I make some tofu with lemongrass, lime and basil, open a beer and try to chill a little…..