STILL got the lurgy…and I guess last night’s whisky over-indulgence isn’t helping.

Still – lots to get done. The accounts and merch sales from the Estonia trip need dealt with and I need to do something about the hard drive space on my laptop.

Once I’ve freed up some space I import the raw video from our trip which I plan to edit down into a four or five-minute videoblog documenting (some of) the trip.

Catriona and Will drop by for a coffee and to discuss some plans for Margaret’s upcoming birthday gathering.

As well as the Estonia videoblog, I thought it’d be a good idea to upload the home-made Good Moonshine video – but I can’t find it anywhere. Hopefully backed up somewhere or in the studio!

I get the Estonia edit done and Margaret suggests adding captions rather than a voiceover. That could work quite well, but I was keeping things simple and editing in iMovie which has poor, inflexible title/captioning…I export it and intend to take it into Final Cut in the studio tomorrow and add the captions – and hopefully unearth the Good Moonshine video too!