BURST this morning! Not,as I expected, with a hangover – just aching all over and my legs feel like lead.

I’ve a meeting at 10am with some folks a few villages away then back home by 11.30am.

Priority is to go through all the photos from yesterday’s photoshoot at Rouken Glen park. There’s quite a lot of images and i need to whittle them down a bit before sending off low resolution proofs for approval. A hundred pix make my shortlist!

There’s still quite a lot of holes to fill on the USA  tour – some are in the hands of other folks and I’m getting a bit twitchy about ’em as I need to get cracking with poster art, PR and other tour management stuff. A Facebook message from someone earlier hinted they know something that I don’t about a show in Pittsburgh – a few messages later the show’s confirmed 🙂

After some Italian sausage pasta we chill for a while and then have an early night 🙂