MANAGE TO get up early and start going through stuff…

First, is to log into Asana – our project management/to-do list app – and get everything up to date and tackle the ‘overdue’ tasks.

I need to make up a contact sheet with the photos from Tuesday and get that off, then there’s a few USA booking things to deal with.

There’s a pile of papers on the table needing sorted out and either delay with or put away then it’s lunch time.

I take a walk to Betty and Joe’s to go through a bunch of photos from their big golden wedding celebrations…can’t believe it’s nearly a year ago! Betty has asked me to make up some albums, so the first job is to select the images and make sure I have all the info for any captions.

A couple of hours later I’m home and uploading the photos to Photobox – there’s a lot of images, though, so while they’re churning away I prepapre dinner.

Once we’ve eaten I start putting the images into some kind of order, then create  the first few pages, adding captions etc as I go. Every time I try to save progress I get a message telling me not to leave the page as I may lose the images that are uploading, so I leave it for now and will check it in the morning…